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Andy Webber's Pages

Andy Webber's Pages

You'll find my main site at http://andywebber.com.

The most popular part of that site is a summary of the history, with photographs, of Cobham Park, a rather splendid country house in Cobham, Surrey. I had the pleaseure of working in an office in the house for around 12 years until Logica (now LogicaCMG) decided for what ever reason to flog it off. It has now been converted to luxury apartments. Find out more by following the link above.

A friend of mine is a self-employed cabinet maker in France making meubles contemporains. He also makes other interesting things using exotic hardwoods and european domestic woods that have striking grain patterns (eg ripple, spalting, oliving, burr). His work is really quite spectacular and the website well woth a visit.

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